Photographs. Soheyl DAHI.
DAHI, Soheyl


San Francisco: Sore Dove Press, 2011. Box measures 27.5x22cm. Photographs measure 26x20.5cm. Consists of five loose introductory sheets held together with a black paper magnetic wraparound band with silver lettering. The first of these sheets is the title/limitation page. The remaining four provide background information about the subject of each photograph as well as the context in which the photograph was taken. These are accompanied by 12 black-and-white photographs of poets and artists, more than half signed, most from the Bay Area. All contents housed in a black leatherette drop-back box, lettered in silver. Limited edition of 30 copies, this being No. 28. All pieces in Fine condition. Scarce. Only 5 copies of this work are listed in OCLC with only one other copy available in the trade.

This amazing set includes photographs of Leonard Cohen, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Hirschman, Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, and several other Beat figures. Signatures include Jack Hirschman, Neeli Cherkovski, Linda King, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A.D. Winans, Ann Menebroker, Joanna McClure, and Soheyl Dahi.

These original photographs were all taken by Soheyl Dahi, artist, poet, and founder of Sore Dove Press. Dahi wasn’t just photographing people; he was photographing friends and people who he had a deep respect for. While each photograph is wonderful in its own right, there are two in particular that we found fascinating. The photograph of Lawrence Ferlinghetti is from the San Francisco International Poetry Festival in 2009 where he looked like the Statue of Liberty. According to Dahi, Ferlinghetti liked the image so much that he requested it be used for all future publicity. The second intriguing photograph is of Allen Ginsberg signing Dahi’s copy of Howl in 1988. We could feel Ginsberg’s energy, passion, and focus through the photograph.

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