BEAT: Photographs (I). Soheyl DAHI.
BEAT: Photographs (I)
BEAT: Photographs (I)

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DAHI, Soheyl

BEAT: Photographs (I)

San Francisco: Sore Dove Press, 2022. Collection of 46 original and mostly unpublished photographs (4x6in, 10x15cm) of Beat poets from 1988 to the present. Photographs are inside a black archival album (17.5x12.5cm) with a silver circular sticker to front. The album is housed in a black box (19.5x14.5cm) with a silver rectangular sticker to front. The album includes a title page with some introductory notes by Soheyl Dahi and a colophon signed and numbered by Dahi. Dahi has handwritten a brief note on the back of each photograph to identify the subject and year the photograph was taken. The edition is limited to 12 signed and numbered boxes, this being No. 4. The edition sold out from the publisher almost immediately. Very minor rubbing to box and album, else Fine.

These original photographs were all taken by Soheyl Dahi, artist, poet, and founder of Sore Dove Press. Thirty-eight of the photographs have never been published anywhere else and were printed by Dahi specifically for this collection. As Dahi explains on the title sheet, he always had a camera with him and took photos everywhere he went, possibly because he “was too aware that life is transitory and needed to be documented.” Dahi wasn’t just photographing people; he was photographing friends and people who he had a deep respect for. In this collection are photographs of several Beat poets including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Amiri Baraka, Jack Hirschman, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, David Meltzer, Joanne Kyger, and ruth weiss, among many others.

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