Untitled [My Life Matters, #DontShoot #Ferguson #YourLifeMatters]. LMNOPI, Lopi LaRoe.
Untitled [My Life Matters, #DontShoot #Ferguson #YourLifeMatters]

Untitled [My Life Matters, #DontShoot #Ferguson #YourLifeMatters]

No Place, undated (c. 2014). Broadside: 28x21.5cm. Printed on heavy stock paper, signed in pencil by the artist at lower right corner. Fine.

A signed print based on American muralist LMNOPI’s wheat-pasted street art, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and originally produced in response to the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which led to a number of nationwide protests. LMNOPI found this image of a young protestor online, eventually using the power of social media to identify the child as a boy named Myles. The original wheat-paste of Myles warily clutching his protest sign was pasted on the door of a condemned factory in Bedford-Stuyvesant and quickly became a part of the community. LMNOPI recounts, “The wheatpaste of Myles was much loved by local residents. Often I would observe people taking photos of it on their way to work. I saw many people post it on Instagram. It even survived a local graffiti bomb squad who came through last winter during a snowstorm. They tagged up the entire wall, but did not touch Myles.”.

Price: $200.00

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